Rio De Los Angeles State Park

The Project.

The idea to revitalize the Los Angeles River to a recreational purpose has been propelled by the City and impassioned voices in the community. Part of this 11-mile vision is the 17-acres known as Parcel G1. UPPR conducted site assessment and remedial activities under the oversight of DTSC. Partial closure was granted for soil only to industrial standards.


City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works


Los Angeles, CA


  • Environmental

Project Fact:

In this section of river there are more species native to California than any other area in North America of equal size.

The Leighton Solution.

While the State purchased Parcel G-1 to redevelop and expand Rio De Los Angeles State Park, the City of Los Angeles as the local sponsor to the ACOE Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study must remediate the former rail yard to a level compatible with the planned ecosystem restoration features.

To do this, the City first needed a site investigation report of existing conditions for a Removal Action Workplan. The City engaged Leighton to prepare and implement a workplan to provide current data of soil, soil gas, and groundwater conditions in preparation of achieving regulatory closure to ecological standards.

Understanding the prior investigations, industrial site use, and ecological closure standards was the basis for the Workplan. The Workplan field investigation was formed with input of goals from the City, and to obtain data focusing on the areas previously identified with chemicals of concern.

Upon completion of data analysis, a Site Investigation Report was prepared by Leighton summarizing the findings of our investigation activities with recommendations for additional assessment and the preparation of a Removal Action Workplan for the delineation, excavation, and removal of contaminated soil in order to redevelop the property as a park. The DTSC concurred with the findings and recommendations of the Site Investigation Report within six months.