Nelson Academy Middle School

The Project.

The new Nelson Academy site was a former industrial business and housed oil storage tanks and included contamination from other site operations. Methane, without a chemistry lesson, is a gas, not toxic, but highly combustible. It can be naturally forming, and produced from degradation of petroleum impacted soils. The site for the new Nelson Academy required an innovative methane mitigation program approved by DTSC.


Long Beach Unified School District


Signal Hill, CA


  • Environmental

Project Fact:

Location, Location, Location. The location fits the neighborhood need for a new school, but the site faces subsurface challenges.

The Leighton Solution.

Leighton was asked by the District during construction to take-over the methane mitigation. As time was of the essence, several technical personnel were immediately assigned to the project which required significant onsite training and familiarization.

Our services also included assuming responsibilities for system operations and maintenance for a five year monitoring program, with 24-hour per day availability to respond to system alarms.

Leighton has been responsible for the final system adjustments, system function checkout, documentation, and preparation of the Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) which includes an addendum to the Operations and Maintenance Plan (O&M Plan) prepared by the system design team. Leighton has prepared responses to DTSC’s comments and provided Agency to District liaison services.