Skechers North American Headquarters

The Project.

Now termed the World Logistic Center, its focus has turned to providing high-tech logistics facilities, the immense 1.82 million square foot distribution facility is the icon of an even larger logistic center plan.


Highland Fairview


Moreno Valley, CA


  • Geotechnical
  • Geotechnical Testing

Project Fact:

How big can Green be? This 2,600-acre Moreno Highlands project was built as one of the most sustainable developments of its kind.

The Leighton Solution.

Working for the developer, Leighton has provided a full spectrum of services including geotechnical reports, environmental assessments, and quality assurance testing over the more than 20 years that this project has been in development and planning.

With magnified political and public awareness, construction of the facility was on an aggressive fast-track schedule. This massive undertaking involved moving up to 110,000 cubic yards of fill material per day, six days per week, with up to 40 scrapers and support equipment. The grading effort produced over 1,500 field compaction tests in 37 days of grading the 1.8-million-square-foot building pad.

Leighton performed field density testing with the use of GPS and PDAs during all testing, downloading test data. This time-saving measure resulted in the As-Graded compaction report completed within two days of the last finish grade tests.