Eastvale STEM Academy

The Project.

Entering this new building defines a special learning environment. Code shadowed on the windows, periodic table turned into inspired messages, and the conspicuous outside gathering stairs, all support the Medical Science and Engineering & Design curriculum offered. Built as an addition to the existing Eleanor Roosevelt High School campus, the 107,000-square-foot building provides 18 classrooms and 13 labs for robotics, 3D printing, manufacturing, health science, and medical technology. It also includes a student resource center, a research lounge, a covered outdoor lunch area and a 600-seat amphitheater that connects the two wings.


Corona-Norco Unified School District


Eastvale, CA


  • Special Inspection
  • Materials Testing

Project Fact:

How well do you know the periodic table? In S P I Re: indium, sulfur, phosphorus, iodine, rhenium.

The Leighton Solution.

Leighton provided materials testing and special inspection services which included special inspection of reinforced concrete, materials laboratory testing for concrete compressive strength and tensile and bend tests on reinforcing steel.