On Call Environmental Services

The Project.

The Port’s planned $1 billion dollars investment in capital improvements will ensure its continued ability to provide superior cargo terminals and rail and warehouse infrastructure, as well as attract top business tenants from around the world. As each capital project is planned, potential hazardous materials are addressed.


City of Los Angeles Harbor Department


San Pedro, CA


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Project Fact:

The Port of Los Angeles is the nation’s number one container port and leader in container volume and cargo value. Continually, the Port’s capital program is expending resources to improve cargo movement, and reduce the environmental impact.

The Leighton Solution.

Leighton has completed 20 project directives under a multi-year on call contract with the Port. Various regulatory agencies can be engaged in each directive such as Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, US EPA, Department of Toxic Substances, and Los Angeles County Fire Department.

It is Leighton’s role to provide the Port screening reports, produce and implement remediation workplans, monitor compliance of soil management plans, and communicate their position to other Port divisions.

Three work orders to provide construction monitoring have been completed. For one, within the Kopper’s area for the Berth 200 Project, Leighton provided soil and air monitoring services and ensured that all elements of the Port’s Waste Management Plan (WMP), Soil Management Plan (SMP), Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP), and Health and Safety Plan (HASP) were implemented by the various contractors. Leighton also sampled the stockpiles generated during the construction activities and assisted the Port to characterize, profile, and dispose the impacted soil and groundwater that was generated during the construction activities.

The Berth 200 Rail Yard switching and classification yard is used by Union Pacific Railroad, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Railway, and Pacific Harbor Line Railroad.