Robert Riha, PG, CEG
President & CEO, Leighton and Associates

With Leighton for 35 years, Bob develops and implements strategic direction for Leighton and Associates. He is responsible all aspects of the operations including client development, office and field operations, and staff training.

Technically, he is recognized for his expert knowledge of local geology and as an expert in landslide investigation, mitigation and repair; fault studies; liquefaction mitigation; slope and lowland dewatering programs; and mapping and assessment during mass grading.

Bob is a California Certified Engineering Geologist and Professional Geologist, with a B.S., Geological Sciences, from San Diego State University.

Leaving the tract developments behind, most weekends, Bob can be found entertaining his grandkids, fixing a 1951 Willy’s Jeep, tending to his organic garden, camping, or on a road trip with his wife on their Harley Davidson.