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Remediation Management

The Project.

Leighton provided project oversight, management, and technical support for a client’s groundwater remediation activities across a 10-acre site. The project goal was to remediate chlorinated solvent contamination of water-bearing soils to a depth of 200 feet below ground surface.


Los Angeles County, CA


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Project Fact:

To date, over 65 million gallons of groundwater have been treated by carbon filtration and returned to the affected aquifer through a series of upgradient water injection wells.

The Leighton Solution.

In a project management role, Leighton’s team acted as an extension of their staff to provide financial projections and monitoring of the project schedule and budget. The client’s technical approach to site remediation is effective and unique by utilizing teams of internal and external experts. Leighton’s technical role was to monitor activities of the team and provide comprehensive reporting and technical peer review of all groundwater remedial activities.

The project team includes experts in treatment system design and installation, permitting, groundwater monitoring, system operation and maintenance, agency compliance, groundwater plume delineation, and coordination with onsite property owners and business operations.

The offsite plume investigation includes the installation of dual- and triple-nested wells in the Gage Aquifer equivalent and Bellflower Aquitard. More than 50 onsite and offsite groundwater wells were used to monitor groundwater flow and chemical concentrations, and to collect groundwater remediation performance data.