The Project.

Initiatives to provide access to Los Angeles International Airport directly from Metro Rail has been ongoing since the opening of the Green Line in 1995. The Connect LAX project was an alternatives analysis study focused on planning, designing, and environmentally clearing a fixed-guideway connection between Metro’s regional rail system and the LAX passenger terminals. Conceptually, potential connections between the planned Metro Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Project’s Aviation/Century Station and the LAX Central Terminal Area (CTA) were evaluated.


Los Angeles, CA


  • Geotechnical
  • Environmental

Project Fact:

In traffic, trying to make that flight at LAX? Wishing there was a better way?

The Leighton Solution.

Leighton provided geotechnical and hazardous materials evaluation for the alternatives analysis and for a future environmental document.

We prepared a preliminary geotechnical report evaluating the geologic-seismic hazards impacting the project and provided recommendations for tunneling, aerial structures, underground and aerial stations, and earthwork. Leighton also prepared a tunnel feasibility report for an alternative that traverses under the airport runways.

Our work on this project included two main components: a geotechnical assessment evaluating geotechnical/subsurface/seismic impacts and a Phase I Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I PESA) evaluating hazardous materials impacts.

The completed Phase I ESA report identified 14 high priority sites with petroleum/fuels/oils and VOC impacts to soil and groundwater.