Poinsettia Elementary

The Project.

As the City of Carlsbad experienced a housing boom, the District selected a former flower field for a new elementary school. Leighton was instrumental in identifying the environmental concerns and providing solutions that allowed construction to proceed.


Carlsbad Unified School District


Carlsbad, CA


  • Environmental

Project Fact:

Leighton also provided environmental and geotechnical services for the Carlsbad High School Modernization and the new Sage Creek High School.

The Leighton Solution.

Following a Phase I ESA identifying potential chemicals of concern, Leighton stayed in close communication with DTSC and the District for mutual agreement to perform a PEA and SSI. The SSI documented that pesticides were present in a very limited area and did not represent a health issue for the future students and staff of the school. However, methane gas was present in several areas of the site above 5,000 ppmv, which would require the installation of a passive methane vapor collection system and barrier system below the seven school buildings.

After DTSC’s approval of a Removal Action Workplan (RAW), construction of the elementary school began and Leighton monitored the installation of the passive vent system and methane barrier. Following construction completion, we have performed monitoring of the vent system.