California High School Stadium

The Project.

Planned improvements at California High School included a complete renovation of the stadium.


Whittier Union High School District


Whittier, CA


  • Environmental
  • Geotechnical
  • Geotechnical Testing

Project Fact:

This high-school-only district began implementing a bond measure to upgrade its aging classrooms and facilities – most built 50 years before.

The Leighton Solution.

Understanding the District was eager to begin construction, Leighton completed the Phase I ESA within a month of being notified. Identified in the Phase I were several buildings potentially containing asbestos and/or lead based paint. The site’s use as crop fields was identified as a potential arsenic source.

An addendum Phase I ESA was conducted based on these results. Sample locations were determined based on historical aerial photographs in the vicinity of the stadium bleachers, track, and field; varsity baseball field dugouts; and storage containers. Soil samples were analyzed for lead, arsenic, and polychlorinated biphenyls. Results indicating arsenic warranted a second sampling event to delineate the vertical and horizontal limits, in the areas of the field and track where near-surface soils would be disturbed.

The Phase I and addendum were submitted as a PEA Equivalent to DTSC with approval to proceed with a Supplemental Site Assessment. The field sampling scope was discussed and approved by DTSC. Results indicated variable concentrations of arsenic. Excavation and removal was chosen as the best alternative, and Leighton prepared a Remedial Action Workplan.

Approved by DTSC, following public notification, Leighton assisted the District with oversight and management, including monitor, document, and oversee remedial activities. The RACR submitted to DTSC was approved within five days with agreement that cleanup goals were met no further investigation and/or cleanup of arsenic was needed.